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Fomitopsis cajanderi · Fomitopsis fungus, 0. (Fomitopsis cajanderi). Deduct 8 feet above and below each conk or group of conks. Cull from top of tree down to 16 ft. below lowest conk.

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Källa, Eget arbete. Fomitopsis cajanderi är en svampart som först beskrevs av Petter Adolf Karsten, och fick sitt nu gällande namn av Kotl. & Pouzar 1957. Fomitopsis cajanderi  Synonymer. Fomes cajanderi P.Karst.

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s. sharing several important morphological characters. After Nobles’ view, Donk ( 1974 ) suggested the removal of F. cajanderi from Fomitopsis and its inclusion into Daedalea or any other related group.

Fomitopsis cajanderi

Fomitopsis cajanderi - Fomitopsis cajanderi - qaz.wiki

Fomitopsis cajanderi

Fomitopsis cajanderi nŏleży do zorty Fomitopsis i familije Fomitopsidaceae.[11][12] Żŏdne podgatōnki niy sōm wymianowane we Catalogue of Life.[11] Temperature responses demonstrated that these fungi can be placed in three groups according to their optimum temperature for growth: (1) Fungi with an optimum at 25 C, Fomitopsis rosea; (2) Fungi with an optimum at 28 C, Fomitopsis feei, Fomitopsis lilacino-gilva, Fomitopsis cajanderi, and Fomitopsis carnea; (3) Fungi with an optimum at 30-34 C, Fomitopsis dochmius, F. cajanderi, and Mar 15, 2017 - for the love of fungi :: hunting, foraging, cultivation, images( mycoporn ), research, questions & general discussion. Fomitopsis cajanderi BCRC 35447 EU232200 EU232294. Fomitopsis cana Cui 6239 (Paratype) JX435777. a. JX435775.

Commonly known as the rosy conk due to its rose-colored pore surface, it causes a disease called a brown pocket rot in various tree species.
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Fomitopsis cajanderi

Fomes fomentarius · tinder fungus, 0. Fomitopsis cajanderi · Fomitopsis fungus, 0. (Fomitopsis cajanderi). Deduct 8 feet above and below each conk or group of conks.

Description Additional information Description Common Name: Rosy Polypore . Links: Index Fungorum: 297484; In young forests, Fomitopsis cajanderi infects Douglas-firs that suffer broken tops from snow, ice, or wind damage. It causes a central column of brown-rot decay.
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Fomitopsis cajanderi - Fomitopsis cajanderi - qaz.wiki

中文(台灣)‎: 卡氏擬層孔菌. BioLib link: Fomitopsis cajanderi (P.

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Reviewed by CalPhotos Staff pre-2001: These species were compared thoroughly by Mounce & Macrae (1937) and Overholts (1953) has discussed their differences and ecology. F. cajanderi is a beautiful polypore, often forming rosette-like groups on tall, axe-cut spruce stump tops. Description type : Non-original description Description : Fomitopsis cajanderi (Karst.) Kotl. & Pouz. "rose-colored Fomes"; cajanderi indicates the species is named for Aimo Kaarlo Cajander, a forest ecologist who also served as Prime Minister of Finland during several periods of his life. Synonymy: Fomitopsis cajanderi (P.