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2 Type bcdedit into the command prompt at boot, and press Enter. (see screenshot below) A) Look under the Windows Boot Loader section for your Windows 10 (description), and make note of its identifier (ex: " {default}"). If the automatic repair couldn’t really repair your PC and just get you stuck in a repair loop, it’s better to disable the automatic startup repair. Type the following command and press Enter: bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled No. Now you’ve successfully disabled the automatic startup repair feature in Windows.

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If prompted to do so, choose the Operating System you want to perform the Startup Repair on. If prompted to do so, select an account that is an Administrator. Enter the password for the account you selected and click on Continue. To start up with the method we would first introduce you with the reason why this Automatic Repair loop commonly happens on the Windows. Whenever any user tends to shut down their system forcefully while there are certain operations running behind, and when if the battery of the device is not producing enough potential, then for these reasons the Windows start to show the corrupt issues. Some apps might stop Chrome from working properly.

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Select your language preferences, and click on Next. Click on Repair your computer. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Repair.

Exit startup repair

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Exit startup repair

4.2 Fix #2: Disable Automatic Restart. 4.3 Fix #3: Manually attempt to rebuild the BCD. 5 Fixes for Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 8. 5.1 Fix #1: Boot into Safe Mode.

Finally, please restart your PC. Fix Windows 10 Boot with Startup Repair Restart your PC multiple times until you see a blue screen like this. Click on “ Troubleshoot “. Click on “ Advanced options “. Windows startup repair taking too long problem occurs when the system is unable to reach the OS kernel because of the endless boot loop. The bootable screen is followed by the startup screen and then the loop starts which never ends. You can fix Windows startup repair stuck problem by using a free tool and using the native functionality of Windows.
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Exit startup repair

Windows 10 startup repair. Method 1: Use Windows Startup Repair. If Windows 10 is unable to boot up and takes you to the login screen or the desktop, your beginning step should be to use Startup Repair. Here’s how: To start with, you need to go to the Advanced Startup Options. Most entrepreneurs like the startup role, but not the big-company role.

Is there a plan to fix this in the near future, or should we just give up hope Modify MYTVOL so the EPG pre-loads on boot, and enable local caching.
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Follow the following steps to solve this problem. Method 1: Run chkdsk on the boot volume The command line chkdsk tool can be used to check (and sometimes repair) your drives for file system corruption. But sometimes the Windows 10 Automatic Repair can’t fix the problems and get stuck in the startup repair loop in Windows 10.

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If Startup Repair doesn't fix the issue, you can go to "Command Prompt" under "Advanced options" and run the following command: Type "Bootrec /RebuildBcd" (without quotes) and then press Enter. Exit Command Prompt and restart Windows 10. If this does not help, continue with the next solution. Workaround #5: Use Windows 10 Boot Loop Automatic Repair If you select Delete Restoration Data And Proceed To System Boot, Windows Resume Loader deletes the saved state of the computer and restarts the computer.